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Getresponse Plugin

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Getresponse Plugin
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In the past, Joomla! has had a reputation of making some things that should be easy just a little too hard.

Like adding a new member to your GetResponse email list.

But no longer is it even remotely difficult to build your list.

Simply install this Joomla! native plugin, give it the list name and your API key (provided by GetResponse), and all new signups are automatically subscribed to your GetResponse list.

It's lightning fast and extremely reliable - and of course, since you are doing things the "approved" way, your technical solution is 100% in compliance with GetResponse's policies.

Hooking into the core Joomla! registration process, the system works with all Joomla! 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.0 native components, including Community Builder and VirtueMart.

Step by Step Instructions

Please Note: The video above shows the older GetResponse UI, however the concepts are the same. GetResponse now requires payment before giving you the API key. Please be sure that your account is paid and active before attempting to configure.

Before you start: All Intellispire Extensions require PHP5.x, and actually have code to detect which version of PHP is running on the server. If the code detects older versions of PHP, it will throw an error and die. If these instructions don't work, please verify which version of PHP you are running before contacting support.


  1. Purchase the plug-in
  2. After purchasing, you will receive a welcome email from Intellispire.
  3. In that email, there will be a download link. Click this link to download the file to your hard drive. Make sure to remember where you save the file.
  4. Once downloaded, login to the Joomla administrator for your website.
  5. Once logged in to the Administrator, go to Extensions > Install/Uninstall.
  6. Choose the file that you just saved to your hard drive. Upload and install it. 


    Now that you have installed the plugin, you will need to set up and configure it. Follow these easy instructions:

  7. Go to Extensions > Plugin Manager and scroll to the GetResponse Notification Plugin. (Probably the last item on your list.)
  8. Click on GetResponse Notification.
  9. Once on that page, you will need to provide the data for Plugin Parameters -- Your Campaign Name and API Key -- which you will acquire from inside GetResponse.
  10. On the left side, next to "enabled" click yes.
  11. Leave this page open. Open a new browser window.
  12. In the new window, go to and log in to your account.
  13. Go to Account > Edit Settings, and scroll down to number 6 for the API Key.
  14. Highlight and copy the API keyNOTE: Make sure you don't accidentally pick up spaces when you copy.
  15. Now go back to the Plugin page in your Administrator that you left open in step 11 and paste the code into the API key field on the plugin parameters.
  16. For the Campaign field just use the campaign name you used whenever you set it up in GetResponse.NOTE: Do not use as part of your campaign name! i.e. Your campaign name would be My Campaign, NOT
  17. Click on Save, (Located above Plugin Parameters.)
  18. Double check if the system (GetResponse Notification) is enabled. 


    Now you will want to test to insure your registration system works as you expect it to.

  19. Go to the page on your website where you placed the signup or registration form and create an account.
  20. Now, check your email for the welcome letter you previously set up in GetResponse. Once you receive the welcome letter, (or notice of registration) your GetResponse plugin is setup and ready to recieve your signups and start building your list. NOTE: Sometimes, arrival of this message is almost instant. Sometimes it can take up to an hour. Be patient. 


  21. If you need further assistance, please initiate a support ticket with our Help Desk here:

  • Whenever someone signs up to your Joomla! powered website, their name and email address is automatically captured in your Getresponse Account
  • Fully PHP 5.2 and 5.3 Compatible
  • Universal Plugins work with Joomla! 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.0
  • works with standard Joomla, Community Builder, JomSocial and VirtueMart registration systems - any registration system that supports the Joomla! event system should work. If it doesn’t work with your site, we’ll help you to make it work, or your money back
  • Free updates and  upgrades within the curent version level
  • Full support for a year
  • Requires PHP 5.1+, Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 or 3.0, CURL installed and SafeMode OFF
  • 100% money 90 day money back guarantee 

Initial content

By: cybermind75 on Nov/21/2008

I wasn't sure if this would work with my particular application because I'm using it with an extended Joomla user registration component called "JoomSuite User". JS User allows me to gather, track, and analyse additional information from my users during signup. Although I purchased this plugin (very affordable plugin, by the way), I had little hope of it actually working well with JoomSuite User.

Once installed, there are only two fields to complete: your email list name and your API key which is supplied by GetResponse. That's all there is to it.

Then, fully expecting to see errors, I ran my test registration and I was blown away at how seamless this little baby works! I cannot say enough good about it - it just works and it did not interfere with my extended user registration form at all. This powerful little plugin opens our marketing possibilities to a whole new dimension. Well done!

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