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AWeber Jomlink

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AWeber Jomlink
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AWeber Jomlink

Effortlessly Build Your Email List
with Joomla! and AWeber Autoresponders

Now Works with Joomla!3.0

Jomlink is an exciting new Joomla! component for integrating your Joomla powered website with AWeber -- The Professional Email Marketing Software. Now you can create lasting relationships with your customers by keeping them informed with email marketing campaigns. Simply install the Jomlink Plugin for AWeber and your website members will be instantly registered in your AWeber mailing directory when they signup.

Jomlink is fully compatible with all Email Marketing Software that uses the AWeber back-end. These include JVListPRO, and many others. The full compliance with AWeber TOS makes Jomlink the most successful bridging component for Joomla and AWeber AutoResponders.

Jomlink works well with VirtueMart, JomSocial, JoomSuite and Community Builder based Joomla! websites.

Works With:

Why Jomlink?

  • Effortless installation and Smooth Integration with AWeber.
  • Optimized Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0 and AWeber Auto-Responder Integration.
  • Automatically stores user information in AWeber mailing lists when they register.
  • Allow your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter using the signup form module.
  • Easily integrate with JomSocial, CommunityBuilder and VirtueMart
  • Automatically subscribe  new users of your website to AWeber mail list
  • Immediate software delivery and Extensive Customer Support
  • One year of updates and upgrades
  • See our features section for even more reasons to use Jomlink!

AWeber Features

  • AWeber‘s Powerful Email Marketing helps you boost your business benefits.
  • Instant, Ready-to-use Email Marketing in just a few clicks.
  • Create visually striking and eye-catching HTML newsletters from readily available templates.
  • Top-Notch, 99% deliverability of your email messages and auto responders.
  • Manage and analyze your Emailing Campaigns with Web Analytics tool of AWeber
  • Create, Manage and Utilize the Auto Responders
  • Create and Format Newsletter Sign Up Forms
  • Built-In spam checking
  • Follow Up on email responders

How It Works

  • Sign up for an account with AWeber Marketing Software.
  • Create Newsletters, Mailing Lists and Sign Up forms as required.
  • Install the Jomlink in your Joomla Powered Website (any supported version).
  • Configure Jomlink Plugin with your AWeber information.
  • Create email subscription forms using the included AWeber Module.
  • (optional) Setup the AWeber Email Parser.
  • Enable Jomlink — and you are all set to go with your Email Marketing System

Complete Solution

Jomlink for AWeber comes with everything you need to create a smart, successful email campaign for your Joomla! based website. You get:

  • AWeber Plugin -- Your registered users are automatically added to your autoresponder list when they sign up with your site. Now includes extended field support for JomSocial, Community Builder, and other extended registration systems.
  • AWeber Module -- Create a signup form, and place it in any module position on your site. Can also be used in the content area, to create "Name Squeeze" pages. Special advanced "iframe" technology allows your site visitors to sign up without leaving your page!

Do you agree?

We've aimed to make Jomlink for AWeber the only Joomla / AWeber add-on you will ever need. You get the most popular AWeber plugin, advanced AWeber signup module, and  complete support. We think you'll agree that this is the most complete solution you can get for connecting Joomla to AWeber, anywhere, at any price.

Download Details

Get your copy of Jomlink today and make the smart decision to successfully manage your website traffic, turn your visitors into registered users and stay in contact with them to convert prospects to buyers.

Click the Buy Now button to obtain your copy of Jomlink and receive immediate download. Once you confirm your order, you’ll automatically be routed to the Jomlink welcome page. You will also receive a 'Thank You' email with download details and further information on installation and support of this plugin.

After Sale Support

Once you opt to purchase Jomlink for AWeber from Intellispire, you'll have access to a detailed step by step guide for installation and integration with AWeber. The step by step guideline will help you easily setup your email marketing campaigns.

For further help and support, you can refer to our knowledge base or contact Intellispire's Customer Support Desk. Installation and configuration options are available from Intellispire staff.

AWeber Jomlink Documentation


  1. Purchase the plug-in.
  2. After purchasing, you will receive a welcome email from Intellispire, and access to the member's area.
  3. Login to the member's area, click on "My Downloads", and then click on the "download" button next to the product to save the file to your hard drive. Remember where you saved the file.
  4. Once downloaded, login to the Joomla! Administrator for your website.
  5. Once logged in to the Administrator, go to Extensions > Install/Uninstall.
  6. Choose the file that you just saved to your hard drive. Upload and install it.

Plugin Setup

The AWeber plugin sends the email addresses of newly registered users to your AWeber list and adds them to your Joomla! user database. In order to activate this functionality, you must set up and configure the plugin.
Follow these easy instructions:

  1. Inside your Joomla! Administrator, go to Extensions > Plugin Manager and scroll to the AWeber Notification Plugin. (Probably the last item on your list, you may need navigate to the next page.)
  2. Click on AWeber Notification Plugin.
  3. On the left side, confirm that the plugin is enabled.
    • Set the "Auto-responder Email" address to the address of the auto-responder you setup in AWeber. You can use multiple email addresses, separated by a comma. Example:,
    • Set the "Site Name" to the name of your site, or leave it blank if you use only one website with this list.
  4. Choose Subscribe When:
    • User Activates Account - waits until the confirmation link is clicked before adding the member to the email service.
    • Immediately Upon Registration - subscribes the user to the service as soon as they register.
  5. Click on Save

Testing the Plugin

You will want to test to ensure your registration system works as expected.

  1. Go to the standard Joomla! registration page on your website and create an account.
  2. After confirming your registration with Joomla! (if necessary), login to your AWeber account to verify that the new user has been added to the correct email list.
  3. Your AWeber Plugin is setup and ready to receive your signups and start building your list.

Community Builder

If you would like to use the plugin with Community Builder in such a way that users are not registered until after confirmation, you must install a bridge plugin into Community Builder. See the Community Builder knowledge base article for more details.


  • For the AWeber plugin to function, Joomla! must be able to send mail. Make sure your server is sending mail, and it is not being blacklisted by any 'spam cops', otherwise AWeber may not receive the mail. Click here for a blacklist check.
  • If you have email confirmation enabled in Joomla!, the notification to AWeber is not sent until the user has confirmed with your website. It's a good idea to let users know they will be receiving 2 confirmation emails: one from the website, and one from AWeber. They need to confirm with both links.
  • AWeber can be fast, or it can be slow. Usually, signups happen within 1-2 minutes, however sometimes it can take hours before the notification is processed by AWeber. Please be patient when testing.
  • Sometimes AWeber simply refuses to process certain notifications. If you think this may be happening, we suggest you setup the Email Parser as that seems to help inform AWeber it needs to process mail for your account.

Normally, the AWeber Jomlink 'just works'. If you've followed the troubleshooting steps above and cannot get things to work, please contact Intellispire Support. In addition to helping you troubleshoot, paid setup services are also available.

(Optional) AWeber Email Parser Setup

Advanced users may want to setup the AWeber Email Parser. This tells AWeber how to 'read' the notification message sent in order to extract the additional data fields.

This is especially important if you want to have custom fields filled in, as well as when AWeber has trouble determining the name and email address of the signup due to your mail setup (for example, some ISP's rewrite the 'From' address of all the mail sent). For more information, please see the AWeber Email Parser on the Intellispire site. Hint: You can use the 'Request' field in the AWeber Plugin setup page to see what fields are being sent to AWeber.

If you are having trouble with AWeber not adding subscribers to your list, and you know your site is sending the messages, this is the first thing to try.

Module Setup

The AWeber Module displays an AWeber sign-up box anywhere a module can be displayed on your website, including within content. You can have as many modules as you like, each configured for different lists.

In standard mode, the form is placed within your web page, when someone clicks "submit", the browser takes them to AWeber, then returns them to whatever page you have specified.

In Advanced mode, all this happens in a internal window called an "iframe". The advantage here is that your prospect never leaves your site and what they are doing is not interrupted.

In order to create a subscription form on your website, you must activate the AWeber module.

Login to AWeber to create an AWeber Opt In form connected to your list. You will use this data to setup the Module.

  1. Inside your Joomla! Administrator, access the Module Manager (Joomla -> Extensions | Module Manager)
  2. Find the appropriate Sign Up form (you may have to page through the list of modules), click it to configure
    • On the left side see "Enabled" and select yes.
    • Choose the appropriate template position and pages on which to display the module. (See Joomla! Docs)
    • Customize the "Teaser Text" for your company
  3. In the "Redirect" field, you can add the link to the page where your customer will be redirected after signup. This is usually a "Thank You" page.
    • action: The form action. The default is correct for However, if you use a "private label" such as JVListPro, you may need to change this. You can find the correct URL from the form you created in step #1
    • meta_web_form_id: copy this value from the form you created in step #1
    • unit: copy this value from the form you created in step #1
    • meta_adtracking: (optional)copy this value from the form you created in step #1
  4. The rest of the fields can be left as default. Use these, for example, if you would like to say "First Name", instead of Name, change it here.
  5. Click on Save or Apply.

Advanced Mode

In order to take advantage of advanced (iframe) mode, simply open up the Advanced Parameters tab, and select "Yes", run in iFrame. Then place the text you would like your users to see on return (HTML allowed). Note, in this case, the redirect parameter is ignored.

You have full control over the displayed form. Simply alter the iframe height and width if necessary (for advanced mode), or the complete form template in Layout Template. We suggest you leave the Layout Template alone unless you have special requirements and know exactly what you are doing.

  1. For Advanced mode, click on the Advanced Parameters dropdown on the right side.
  2. Click the radio button "Yes, Run in Iframe".
  3. Next customize the text. Leave all other settings as they were for standard mode. Redirect is ignored advanced mode.
  4. Double check the left side of the page to make sure your form is enabled and that you have positioned it to your liking.
  5. You have full control over the look of your form by editing the HTML in the "Layout Template". Be careful not to remove the variable code in the HTML.
  6. Click the Save or Apply button

Testing the Module

Now you will want to test all the way through to ensure your signup system works as you expect it to.
  • Go to the page on your website where you placed the form and signup for your offer.
  • Make sure you are re-directed to the page you expect.
  • Check your email to see that you received the message you expect.
  • Check your AWeber account to make sure the name is added to your list.
  • In advanced mode, expect that after pressing the "subscribe" button, your form will be replaced by the Thank You text. You will not leave that page.

Tips & Tricks

Creating Multiple Forms, each linked to a different List

  1. Create multiple lists in your AWeber account
  2. Use the Module Manager to create a new module instance for each list (Joomla -> Extensions | Module Manager; click "new")
  3. Customize each module as needed for each list
  4. In the menu assignment, use "Select Menu Item(s) from the List" to choose the landing page(s) on which you would like this particular form to appear.
  5. Save

Adding a Form inside of Content

Instructions for this tip are beyond the scope of this document. For full details, see our blog post on how to create a Squeeze Page in Joomla! to work with AWeber.

Be sure to subscribe to our blog so you can get more up-to-date tips and tricks on using your Intellispire software products to increase the ROI of your website.


If you need further assistance, please initiate a support ticket with our Help Desk here:

When requesting support for your purchase, please provide all pertinent information, including:

  • Your Intellispire account email (usually your PayPal email) or the PayPal receipt #.
  • The exact item you are having a problem with [ Jomlink 5.9, for example]
  • Joomla! version
  • PHP version
  • Hosting account (linux cpanel, for example)
  • URL where item is installed.

A good problem report includes a description of the issue you are having, what exactly you did (so we can duplicate your process), what you expected to happen, and what actually happened. If an error message is available, then copy & paste that. A screen shot, if available, would be wonderful.

Thank you for providing this information up-front, as it will help us to serve you more efficiently.

AWeber Jomlink Features

  • Automatically stores user information in your AWeber mailing lists.
  • Includes BOTH the AWeber Joomla! Plugin and the AWeber Joomla! Module
  • Allow your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Automated AWeber subscription for new users of your website when they register.
  • Effortless installation
  • Easily integrate with JomSocial, CommunityBuilder and VirtueMart
  • No conflicts .... install and run multiple email services on the same site
  • Smooth integration with Joomla 2.5 and 3.0. Joomla!1.5 available on request.
  • Immediate software delivery and extensive software support

AWeber Plugin

  • Works with your existing website registration form.
  • Connects standard Joomla! Users registration to your favorite email service. Registered users are added to the mail list.
  • Automatically subscribe your members and customers to your email marketing list when they register with your site.
  • Supports extended field features of Community Builder, JomSocial and VirtueMart, and more.
  • Works with all extended registration systems that use standard Joomla! hooks (most do!)
  • Choose to subscribe users immediately, or only when they click the confirmation link.
  • Captures user IP address at registration.

AWeber Module

  • Create an "opt in" page for your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter / mailing list.
  • Choose to redirect subscribers to a thank you page, OR leave them on the same page (advanced mode).
  • Control the landing page user sees after subscribers
  • Create unlimited subscription boxes.
  • Create subscription signup boxes inside of articles and other content.
  • Displays signup form in any module position.
  • advanced mode subscribers never leave your page
  • Module can be displayed within content for easy squeeze page
  • Avanced users can fully customizable look of your form using your own html

Why use AWeber?

  • Instant, Ready-to-use Email Marketing in just a few clicks.
  • Create visually striking and eye-catching HTML newsletters from readily available templates.
  • Top-Notch, 99% deliverability of your email messages and auto responders.
  • Manage and analyze your Emailing Campaigns with Web Analytics tool of AWeber
  • Create, Manage and Utilize the Auto Responders
  • Create and Format Newsletter Sign Up Forms
  • Built-In spam checking
  • Follow Up on email responders

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